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Keeping Your Space Pristine with Our Professional Home Cleaning Services

Maintain a clean space with help from Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services Inc. in Columbia, Maryland. We have been providing first-rate cleaning services, as well as move-in and move-out cleaning since 2006. No matter what size your property is, we will thoroughly clean it for you. 


Cleaning Based on Your Needs

Here at our company, we highly value your preferences when it comes to cleaning. We customize your cleaning based on your lifestyle. Contact Sue Doyle to get a FREE ESTIMATE

A Neat Home Inside and Out

Count on us when it comes to cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and floors. We also clean the insides of refrigerators, window glass, and ovens for an additional charge. For bathroom cleanups, we accomplish the following

Scrubbing  Showers & Tubs | Cleaning Mirrors, Sinks, & Faucets | Cleaning Floors | Cleaning Toilets | General Dusting | Dusting Window Ledges & Blinds | Emptying Trash | Changing Bed Linens

We Handle the Hassle

Whether you need an initial Deep Cleaning, Move-In, Move-Out, or After-construction Cleanup, we offer flat rate, by the hour prices, for only $65 per hour and that includes 2 cleaners. All deep cleaning services come in addition to our standard residential cleaning.
We can additionally clean:
Baseboards & Trims | Doors | Fans/Switches/Vents | Window Glass(outside can only be cleaned if the window tilts in)

Safe Cleaning Products

We use brand-name cleaning products to keep your household mess-free. If environmentally safe cleaning products are desired, the homeowner must provide them. We use the following products to make your home sparkle and shine:

Clorox™ | Lysol™ | Appropriate Granite and Stainless Cleaners | Appropriate Floor Cleaners | Hypoallergenic Vacuum Cleaner Used | Microfiber Dusting

Flexible Rates and Schedules

Having a clean home doesn't have to be costly. That's why we offer services at prices you can afford. Please note that rates depend on the size of your property. As for the schedules, we have the following options:
One-Time | Weekly | Bi-Weekly | Monthly | Routine